Glenn Lee ( Mathematics &  Science Subject Specialists)

1) Mathematics (N/’O’ Levels)

2) Additional Mathematics (N/’O’ Levels)

3) Combined (Physics/Chemistry) (N/’O’ Levels)

4) Pure Physics (‘O’ Levels)

5) Pure Chemistry (‘O’ Levels)

6) H1 Mathematics ( ‘A’ Levels)

Glenn Tuition Rates per hour for small class group tuition:

Class Size: up to 6 students

Sec 1 $30
Sec 2 $35
Sec 3 $40
Sec 4 $45

H1 $50

2016 O levels Student that come after April will be $50 per hour

Single Tuition Rates will be at $75 per hour excluding transport cost minimum of 2 hours.

Lessons are subject to availability.

For enrollment for more than 2 subjects,  please call 90012298 for more information regarding package rates.


Desmond Lee  ( Language Arts & Subject Specialists)

1) English (N/’O’ Levels)

2) Combined Humanities  (N/’O’ Levels)

3) H1/H2 Economics (JC1)

Desmond Tuition Rates per hour for  Single/Group tuition (~3)

Rates are available upon request , please call 82181198 for more information on English and humanities lessons.

Lessons are subject to availability.

In order to ensure results improvement , every subject covered requires at least 2 hrs of lesson per week depending on the standard of the student.

The company reserves the right to decline an assignment should the demands of the client or terms and conditions of the assignment are deemed unacceptable by the management.