Desmond (Profile pic)

Desmond Lee

Languages & Humanities Specialist

  • Achieved Distinctions in GCE ‘A ‘Levels ( H1 General Paper, Chinese and English Literature )
  • More than 4 years of tutoring experience
  • Graduate from University of London

“I am not a Teacher, but an Awakener.” – Robert Frost.

This is a quote that defines how Desmond teaches his students. It is not What to think but How to think that differentiates an Average student from an “A” student.

He has followed the “ACE’ teaching methodological approach in the humanities and language subjects. Essentially, Desmond seeks to develop the student’s ability to consolidate effective content while equipping them with the abilities of application and analysis to excel in the increasingly competitive academic climate of today.

He believes that as MOE has begun to steepen the learning curve of both O’ levels and PSLE. It is absolutely essential to focus on critical thinking and inferential skills as mere regurgitation of content would no longer be useful in the competitive climate today.