ACE teaching methodology

What is ACE Teaching Methodology®?

Glenn Lee developed the ACE Teaching Methodology on his tutoring journey this method has empowered has allowed his students to make significant improvements in their grades, clinching  excellent improvements and even distinctions from borderline passes.

They have also developed greater understanding of the subjects they used to fear, enabling them to surpass their former academic limits.

The one method derived to cater to the 5 Ws and 1 H of a Student;

Who,what,when,where,why and How.

Assessment of student
We would conduct an individual assessment of each and every student and develop an academic profile for them covering the areas of their strengths and weakness.
[Assess the student’s weakness and strengths.]

Who- Individual -Personal Reasons ( Not Motivated or interested) or lack of Commitment (no time) or Exam Phobia
Where – Spot the weak areas and wrong concepts
Why- Wrong Study Method or Weak Foundation or Right concept but wrong application

Customisation of a Plan
The next step would be to create a revision program for the students tailored accordingly to their strengths and weakness.
[Specialised plan to cater to the student to overcome the weak subjects and do well as a whole]

What = LEARN the RIGHT study method and the way to understand concepts. Focus on weak topics and Strengthen them.

When = KNOW when are the examinations and Calculate number of days left to exams => calculate the total number of available studying hours left to the national exams.

Execution of Plan

The final step is the implementation of the program with great emphasis on the time management and revision techniques.

With the motto of the US Marines, “Adapt, Improvise, Overcome” in mind, the program would be carried out with consistent monitoring and feedback from the tutors to work hand in hand with the students and their parents to achieve their ideal academic grade.

= Execute plan to handle the examinations effectively
Set realistic goals and practise proper time management